Trade Specific Rules

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Trade Specific Rules

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 07, 2008 3:04 pm

These are some rules for trading which makes trading the fun and pleasant experience it should be.

Here are some you may already know:

1. If you have problems while trading in "Plant for Plant," please send a message to "Trade Disputes" located at the bottom of the forum under "Quality Control."
Any messages sent to "Trade Disputes" cannot be viewed by others, only the Administrator (me) and a few choice moderators. This eliminates the need to post publicly about a problem. And it eliminates the need to retaliate against a perceived wrong by trying to humiliate the person you have failed to trade with. Believe me, if they fail to live up to their end of the bargain, they will be delt with, but on our terms. However, embarrassing someone and finding out your were wrong (misunderstanding, postal mistakes, etc), can be a tough situation to recover from. So please, let us arbitrate the situation.

2. Plant for Plant is a trade/barter forum only, we do not sell items here.
Trading a plant for another, trading seeds, trading gardening equipment, Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes (SASE), and paying for postage are acceptable. Trying to sneak in and start a business (no matter how small) is not acceptable. If you wish to sell items, post a link to your web page in your signature and conduct all business in private and not on either forum.

And here are some extras:

3. Please list the species of the plants you have for trade.
This includes the Genus and the Species of every plant you are offering. Mother of Thousands applies to no fewer than three different species of Kalanchoe. Each looks a little different from the other. Sooner or later, someone will be disappointed. If the species you have is Kalanchoe Diagremontiana, then list it. What the person you were trading with might've had in mind may have been Kalanchoe Delagoensis. True you may not get to trade your plant, but you won't be labeled a deceiver or bad trader either.

4. Be honest about the Species of your Plant.
Do not list your plant under one name and have the recipient confused because the plant they received looks nothing like the plant they were hoping to receive. Is it worth being only able to trade once to get rid of a plant you think nobody wants as opposed to being honest and trading anytime and as many times as you want? If you have a plant you really don't want. Offer it for SASE or for payment of postage. You'd be surprised at how fast it goes.

5. Offer a reasonable cost for shipping.
People who have traded for any amount of time have a pretty good idea how much the shipping for a given plant will be. Taking advantage of those new to trading will not last long either. Complaints will be made and eventually the person who is lying about the shipping costs will be labled a bad trader and/or banned permanently.

6. If you don't know what you have, ask.
Upload an image to the gallery or via Someone on the site may know what you have. If not, send a message to the administrator via "Contact Us," and I will help you find out on the Internet. This may take a few days to a week.

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